For those interested in cooperation in the e-commerce and e-marketing area:

1. Strategy advice: e-salesand e-marketing strategies
2. Operational advice on use of e-marketing toolsand social media (ex. YouTube, blogs, social networks),
3. Optimization of spending in Internet,
4. Trainings and workshops in e-commerce, e-marketing (including effective marketing, blogs and social media).
5. Motivational workshops: business, travel, sports.

Contact:  gadovsky<at>yahoo.co.uk  

Youtube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/JacekGadzinowski   ~220K subs, circa 2,5/3 m views monthly and counting . Overall – 27 m hits!

Youtube audience: Young, active people curious of the world. Also – Influencers. People who travel, live an active life, do sports. Students, freelancers and small business owners, entrepreneurs. Middle+big cities. Audience mostly between 18-44 years old, 90% male.

Supporting communication channels: Facebook, Google+ , Instagram, media presence

Possible actions

- video action strategies
- video scenarios
- video production and montage
- tailored advertising or sponsoring: video materials, interviews
- photo stories/reports
- study tours
- product placement (photo, film, text)
- advertising activities (standard and non-standard)
- film crew, video equipment

Contact:  gadovsky<at>yahoo.co.uk